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We can't wait either.
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Hi Money, meet Honesty. It's about time you two were introduced.

Now you can take control over your finances - with all the trust you want for you, your kids, and your parents included. At Monesty, trust, visibility, and ease of use come standard.

Included is better than free! Monesty has a generous offer, but not a free offer. There's value-added services you won't find elsewhere.


Checking puts you in control

Just for you - "high-touch" checking with account monitoring and alerts built in. Easily add another user to help you keep an eye on things.

Credit Cards

Credit cards without the hassle

Simple first. Finally, a credit card you don't have to play games to manage.


High-yield savings

Put your nest egg somewhere you can keep an eye on it. No minimum balance, but together let's go for maximum.

Our Service

Trustworthy security & support - just for you.

Bank holidays have just been canceled.

When your bank is in your pocket, it's always open.

We keep an eye on things.

Go do the stuff you want to do. We'll watch out for fraud, scams, and theft with account monitoring and alerts for you.

Deposit and pay securely.

Keep an eye on every cent with secure mobile deposit, direct deposit, and bill pay.

Our Mission

Full-service digital banking - built by a team of people you can trust.

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The right checking account puts you in control.

What you want is what we want. Our checking accounts give you full control and visibility, with fancy account monitoring and alerts built in.

Have an assistant? Want to keep an eye on your kids' or parents' accounts? Easily add any second set of eyes to your account.

Get paid and pay fast, securely

Whether your son needs some new jeans or Aunt Salley left her purse at home again - just do it all from your phone.

Stay in control with alerts

Every nickel counts. That's why every high-touch Monesty checking account gives you account monitoring and alerts for the kinds of transactions you want (or don't want.)

Where money & honesty meet.

We value what you value. The convenience of technology is incomplete without trust.
That's where Monesty comes in.


We do what we say.


We throw in a little extra. Just for you.


It's either easy to use or we won't like it either.

Our Mission

Full-service digital banking - built by a team of people you can trust.

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